Service & Programs


Men’s Program

men-1Our primary focus for men is build “Kingdom Men” by offering a dynamic mentoring program that elevates a new generation of men and transforms an existing one. We seek to challenge men to “step up” and exercise their God given roles to transform their families. Through lifestyle mentoring and enrichment programs, new friendships are built and lives are transformed as each are challenged to better themselves ….one man at a time.
men-2We believe that for a man to be complete, he has to accept responsibility in all areas of his live including financial planning, anger management, raising children, responsible parenting and positive community participation. By mentoring men, we are teaching them to be responsible men, husbands, fathers and mentors to fatherless youth. In doing this, families are restored and the cycle of broken homes is terminated.
Essential to our communities is in the development of one-on-one mentoring programs, that teach preparedness skills that empower individuals to find gainful employment and or help them retain their jobs as they explore a new world of opportunities and entrepreneurship in todays’ evolving marketplace.

Women’s Program


women-1Our heart goes out to women, especially those single moms who have no husbands to help them with the daily issues of life. Their frustrations are compounded as they are often required to work multiple jobs, just to pay the bills. They have to provide food, clothing and necessities for their children and seldom have time for themselves.
women-2The goal of Central Florida Dream Center is to help alleviate some of their burden. We want to lift them up and encourage them and help them discover new purpose for their lives.

We have found that many of these women do well once they enter a mentoring relationship with a Godly woman who will come alongside to help them navigate through this season of their life.

Some of the training include: Financial Planning, Anger Management, Healing Past Generational Hurts, How to Raise Children in a home without a father, Work Ethic and Character Development, Job Readiness and Entrepreneurship opportunities to provide for their families.

Youth Program


youth-1Life Centers: Essential to the character development of youth is the after school mentoring program. Central Florida Dream Center equips and coach urban leaders on how to establish “Life Centers” in their community. Local churches are trained to tutor and mentor youth after school in the troubled areas of the city. This mentoring gives these young people a fighting chance to graduate school and go on to become successful men and women.
youth-2Youth Entrepreneurship: Equally important is our Entrepreneurship program. Every 6 minutes a youth is arrested for a crime in Florida. We would like our youth to be the next generation of business leaders in our nation, not the next generation of gang leaders or drug dealers.

Inner-City At-Risk youth are facing a nationally known bleak future, we are turning the tide by training them in Biblical Entrepreneurship: How to Dress for Success (Pull your pants-up).
Principals of business ownership vs being an employee.


youth-3Setting goals and taking responsibility for their actions. Writing business plans. Character Development (Attitude and Altitude). Problem solving methods (Find the Need and Fill-it) People judge and profile by the outside, but God looks at the Heart. We partner with local businesses to hire and train students who graduate our Lifestyle Character Development process.

Family Programs

At Central Florida Dream Center, we train and encourage local churches and organizations to take responsibility for their communities. We share how to identify the needs of a specific area and how to strategically fill them by adopting a particular block.
When Central Florida Dream Center adopts a family, we partner with local churches and organizations or families to provide emergency assistance, referrals and mentoring for individuals and families who are experiencing challenges in life.
family-3Block Parties
In partnership with other groups we facilitate outreach events with contemporary Christian music and activities to attract and minister to youth and families within the community. In addition to these activities there is plenty of food provided, one on one mentoring available and positive messages presented.