Paul’s Bio

paul-benjaminPaul Benjamin, Founder and Chief Servant of Central Florida Dream Center, has been ministering to men, women and at- risk youth in communities for over 30 years.

His story begins with the faith of his father. After hearing an evangelist in British Guyana, South America, Paul’s father, Fred Benjamin, came to know the Lord, attended seminary and became a local pastor. His mother, Shirley, came to know the Lord around the same time and together they served their growing family and local community. They had great faith, believing God and the Truth of His Word. As with all believers, their faith was put to the test when Paul, at the age of five, was paralyzed due to polio. The doctors had given up all hope, but his father called on a greater Doctor and Jesus healed Paul.

When Paul was 14 years old, his family felt led to move to New York City. During the time he lived in the city, Paul witnessed many hardships. He was robbed four times at gun point. Each time the Lord intervened and spared his life. These events fueled his desire to see healing come to individuals, families and communities.

Paul grew up attending his father’s church and later became a part of the leadership team. During this time, he married and began his family. As his children grew, Paul recognized how important it was for young men to have a role model. Paul became involved with Royal Rangers (a Christian mentoring group for young boys). He soon learned that his son was the only one from the group with a father in the home. He saw how this lack impacted his son’s friends and the decisions they made.

Each of us can probably pinpoint a moment in time, when an event transpired that changed us, inspired us and instilled a sense of purpose. For Paul, it took place in multiple forms, but each conveyed the same message. In, 1995, Paul had an encounter that revealed God’s Heart toward those hurt by their earthly fathers.

It was during this time period that Paul and his first wife adopted a set of twins, who were 3 years old. They had experienced serious neglect and were the byproduct of a biological mother who gave birth to them at the age of 14. This young lady had been through great deal of abuse and could not care for herself, let alone two infants.

The next two events, Paul refers to as a spark events. These fueled Paul’s passion to minister to a fatherless generation.

The first incident occurred while Paul was raising his family in New York City. His son was in the care of a young woman who was shot and killed by a fatherless young man. His son was barely five inches from the sitter when the incident took place.

The second event took place five hundred yards from Paul’s home in Sanford, Florida. It was the nationally known tragedy of the shooting of Trayvon Martin. Paul was instrumental, as part of the leadership team, to help mitigate racial tensions in the city of Sanford. Paul continues to serve as the Vice President of the Sanford Regional Ministry Center.

The Trayvon Martin spark event confirmed what Paul has been sharing with his community for many years; The root cause of much of today’s societal ills stems from the lack of fathers in the home. With over 30 million fatherless children in America, Paul’s personal vision is to see ten million men raised up and become mentors representing a godly father figure to these children. Paul would like to partner with you and share the vision. With your prayers and support we can see individuals, families, communities, and nations transformed to the Glory of God, The Father.

Paul continues to share his heart and passion with individuals, churches, groups and community leaders. Paul remarried in 2012 after being widowed. He and his wife, Dawn, reside in Sanford, Florida. They are a blended family, have six children and four grandchildren.

If you would like to learn more or to schedule Paul to speak to your group, he can be reached at the Central Florida Dream Center at: 407-302-0880 or online at