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Paul Benjamin and other Sanford leaders were intervened in this national video release.

CRS’ involvement in Sanford followed the death of Trayvon Martin in 2012 and focused on building a relationship between faith leaders in the community and the city’s law enforcement. The video features interviews with Sanford’s Mayor, City Manager, the County Sherriff and members of the faith community who highlight CRS’ effort to institute regular meetings to discuss the legal proceedings which ensured open dialogue between law enforcement and local clergy. CRS also negotiated courtroom seating access for faith leaders so that they could gain firsthand knowledge of the trial and disseminate that information – free of misleading rumors – to their congregations and the community at large. In the video, Sanford’s City Manager, Norton Bonaparte, stressed that CRS was there to assist, but remained neutral while working to strengthen trust and facilitate discussions between law enforcement and the community

News: Paul Benjamin was interviewed on Local TV 45, The Good Life Channel, about the Fatherless crisis in our nation today and the Joe Gibbs Event in Sanford FL.




The Joe Gibbs Event was a success in Sanford. Men’s mentoring groups are forming in the area.




The Central Florida Dream Center launches year end appeal for mentors and partners to stand in the gap for fatherless youth in our nation.




Outreach 1

March 2016 Community Activities

Advancing the global strategy: Spiritual + Social + Economic = Renewal

  • Paul preached and shared the vision in Lake Mary FL at Light House Ministries.  The people were receptive and some joined the cause.
  • Paul and many other public officials (Police Chief, Cecil Smith, City Manager, Norton Bonaparte, Andrew Thomas and others) spoke at a public gathering in Sanford about bringing healing and hope in the City.
  • Paul invited a group of young men to join him at a Better Man Event in Orlando.  The event was a success, over 4,000 men were in attendance; some of the speakers were: Darryl Strawberry, Dennis Rainey, Phil Moore and Brad Stine.  We are calling the men to take courage and face the challenges of life.
  • To reach other regions, Paul prayed and connected with other pastors and leaders in Orlando to collaborate for greater impact in our state.

Paul will continue meeting with local, regional and national leaders to form a new National Advisory Council (NAC).

Paul Benjamin was awarded the Better Man Award at the Better Man Men’s Conference in Orlando. AC Green was one of the guest speakers at the event.  Paul would like to thank the leadership team for their encouragement and support…

Paul receives the Better Man Award 2015

            Paul receives the Better Man Award


Paul spoke at Sanctuary Of Hope Church in Sanford.  He also shared the vision with Safe Harbor Church. The vision and mission of this global initiative to bring hope and healing, is taking root in the hearts of people.Speaking Paul 2

If you would like to schedule Paul to speak at your organization, men’s group, women’s group or business please call our office at: 407.302.0880. Ext. 7

Paul News Article

Paul was featured in the news…  He addressed the national initiative to raise up mentors for fatherless youth across our nation.


The missions team for Liberty Christian School came to the Dream Center to partner with us to reach the inner-city.  We were blessed with them for 3 days.

Block pt Hand

Paul and other leader continue to meet with other pastors and leaders to continue the healing process in our city.  Leaders came to Sanford from 20 other cities to here how the Lord brought our city through the tragedy in our region.  Paul and some of the other leaders were able to share the process.

Pastors Gather in Sanford

The Power of 1 was a success, this is the beginning of implementing this strategy with our national mentoring initiative.

Power of 1 Article