Dream Center Testimonials

Ms. Nina

 “Thanks to God & The Central Florida Dream Center (CFDC) my Life has been    changed.”

I thank God for Rev. Benjamin and  (CFDC).  My life and my children’s lives  were  significantly changed since the  Dream Center  opened in the community.


I did many things that I was not proud of,  I use to drink, smoke, do drugs and many  other things that I was not proud of. After the mentoring relationships I encountered at the CFDC I no longer: drink, smoke, or do drugs.

I am a much better woman and mother, I now attend church and I now have my license and a car.

With their help I was able to get a home  through Habitat for Humanity. The Lord is now  restoring my entire family. I now  volunteer as needed at the Center.  Thank you Lord for all you have done… Ms. Nina.

“Don’t feed the bears.”Do not feed the Bears

Brady LassardIn his speech at our 2003 event, Former Mayor of Sanford, Brady Lessard shared a life principle that we embraced here at the Dream Center.

“Dad! why does that sign say Do Not Feed The Bears?” The dad said son, the reason we should not feed the Bears is because when we feed them they will no longer want to hunt and search for their own food, they will depend on us to provide for them and their families.  But the worse part son, if we stop feeding them, they will kill us and eat us.

That is why at the Dream Center we empower people to work or start a business and not depend on the tax payers to constantly feed them for generations…  

   Brady Lessard

It is with immense enthusiasm and gratitude that I am in full support of Paul Benjamin, Sr. and The Central Florida Dream Center. the work that is currently being done and the future vision of The Dream Center.

Located in the poorest section of our County, in the Inner City of Sanford, the Dream Center is bringing hope to those living in a hopeless situation, where:

9 out of 10 children go to bed fatherless, crime, teen pregnancy, domestic violence, and school drop-outs and Illiteracy are the norm.
I cannot sit still another day without doing my part to help make a difference in the lives of these children and their families.

There is an Urgent Need to bring healing to these wounded hearts. This organization can only be effective with your financial support and volunteer efforts. Please join me in partnering with this awesome vision.


Dr. James Bradshaw

Jim BradshawI consider Paul Benjamin to be a personal friend and colleague in the ministry. We meet with another pastor twice a month for accountability purposes. He has been in the Sanford area for many years, seeking to work with others to do together what we cannot do alone. In particular, he wants to reverse the societal ills of broken families.

Paul has been mentoring families throughout his ministry, and I believe God has given him a great vision to turn around the lives of hurting families in Sanford. He continues to gain the people resources and together we pray for the financial resources to support this outreach to the poor and needy. His integrity and experience warrant recognition for those who are ready to invest in ministries that will bear fruit towards making a difference in families and society.

More churches in the area are sharing in his vision and supporting him with prayer and mission funds. We pray that God will complete the good work that He has started in the Central Florida Dream Center.