Our History

The history of the Central Florida Dream Center began in 1995 when our founder Paul Benjamin Sr. founded Men in Action USA. Paul created Men in Action following the call on his life to address the growing pandemic in our nation of over 24 million fatherless children. In 2001, he and a few leaders took 18 passionate young people to the Los Angeles Dream Center. There they saw God moving in that city as lives were being transformed. This birthed the idea of what would later become the Central Florida Dream Center.

After working several years with men, Paul’s vision was then expanded to include ministering to women & children when Men in Action was repurposed to become the Central Florida Dream Center in 2002. The focus on men did not change as men were taught how to be Godly men, husbands, fathers and then mentors. But as families continued to deteriorate, the Central Florida Dream Center rapidly put in place impactful programs for both women and children.

His vision had expanded again, as he and a growing team is helping to launch empowerment LIFE Centers across the nation and around the world where he and teams of leaders can reach, teach, equip and place “father figure” mentors and families in the lives of fatherless children. From 2002-2012, he and this team along with other volunteer staff members piloted these programs and services from a facility near the Sanford Housing Authority.
In the summer of 2012, to continue ministering to families in Sanford, Central Florida and beyond, Paul with John Murphy of Harvest Time International entered a strategic Kingdom partnership to expand the programs and services. Harvest Time International serves as a model of community action that can be replicated across the country.

In 2016 The Central Florida Center was expanded once again to offer counseling services to women, families and children when they opened Psalms and Proverbs Counseling Center.