A Mentor for Every Fatherless Youth





The tragedy that took place in Sanford (ground zero) was a Spark Event that unveiled local and national issues:

  • Social injustices, Generational wounds within homes and communities.
  • Fatherless youth, High unemployment in our city and across our nation.

To address the root cause, we have launched a three pronged initiative:  Spiritual + Social + Economic = Renewal to see healing and reconciliation in our City and nation.

The Honorable Jeff Triplett, mayor of Sanford added his voice to help us champion this cause.


For over 3 decades the founder of the Central Dream Center, Paul Benjamin has been working with inner-city youth, men and families to bring healing in homes and communities.  The Dream Center has reached thousands of people and today we are impacting urban pockets to address the growing need for mentors.

Established on the foundation of God’s Word, this initiative will intentionally connect fatherless youth with Godly men, women and families across racial and denominational lines with the ultimate goal to see a generation saved and come to a personal relationship with a loving heavenly Father.