Central Florida Dream Center

Beating the Odds for inner-city
Youth and Families One person at a Time…

The Central Florida Dream Center (CFDC) is making a significant difference by positively impacting the lives of men, women, and children of Sanford. The CFDC is a faith-based, non-profit (501C3) organization that partners with other organizations to impact the region. The facility is located in the heart of inner-city Sanford, FL where crime, abuse, and poverty run rampant.


New Strategic Paradigm

For the past 17 years, the founder of Harvest Time International (HTI) and the founder of CFDC have developed a strategic partnership.  The result is that our CFDC corporate offices are now located in the spacious Harvest Time International Campus at 225 North Kennel Road, Sanford, Florida 32771.

Because the vision and mission of both organizations is to see the Empowerment of individuals, families and communities, we have joined forces.  In collaboration with HTI and other partners, CFDC is connecting with local churches that embrace our vision and mission.  At these churches we are launching Community Life Centers, after school tutoring and mentoring sites for At-Risk Youth, Single Moms, and Men.

Currently, in the community we serve, 9 out of 10 families are fatherless. To give significance to this statistic here are some disturbing statistics:

    • 90% of runaway children are from fatherless homes
    • 71% of high school drop-outs are from fatherless homes
    • 85% of youth in prison are from fatherless homes
    • 90% of inmates on death row are from fatherless homes


The Dream Center’s goal is on breaking this cycle and offering programs ranging from mentoring programs for adults and families to after-school programs for the children. Our mission is to assist families and individuals toward self-sufficiency so that they become contributing members of society.

In a community where the local drug dealer is often the only male figure a young person has, it’s easy to see why there is a great need for an organization such as this. By following in the footsteps of similar organizations the Dream Center has already reduced crime in the community but much more needs to be done.

By providing a “hand-up” as opposed to a “hand-out” the Dream Center makes long-term change in the lives of those who are serious about improving their situation.

Please take time to consider what talent, treasure, or time you have to donate to the Central Florida Dream Center and join us in improving the world we live in.